Bark Avenue
Terms & Conditions

a. Bark Avenue requires all dogs to have their vaccinations current and provide the latest copy of such records.

b. Bark Avenue requires a 50% deposit for stays 14 nights or more.

c. Bark Avenue reserves the right to change your dog’s boarding requirements if we believe it is necessary.

d. Bark Avenue shall attempt to return your toys and bedding in the condition as they were brought in, but cannot guarantee same. Please mark the items with the dog’s name and your last name.

e. Bark Avenue prefers you to supply your own dog’s food. This will help to prevent gastritis. Should you not supply your own food, Bark Avenue will charge an additional $2.00 per day for feeding costs.

f. We are pleased to administer medication for an additional $2.00 per day.

g. Reservations are required to guarantee a room. If you must cancel the reservation, please call Bark Avenue and advise us as soon as possible. Cancellations for holiday reservations made within 24 hours of reservation will result in a charge for one nights boarding. This will be applied to your credit card. (This applies to HOLIDAYS only).

h. Any dog left two days past scheduled check out date without notification will be considered abandoned and Bark Avenue will act in accordance with local regulations.

i. Bark Avenue has the right to photograph my pet(s) and to the use of those photographs in any and all publications, advertising, social media (such as Facebook, Instagram, and twitter), internet and applications.

j. Bark Avenue reserves the right to refuse service to any dog for any reason.

k. This agreement covers the current relationship between Bark Avenue and yourself. Each time you bring your dog to Bark Avenue, you reaffirm the terms of this agreement and the truthfulness and accuracy of all statements you make herein.

By typing your name in our web form signature field or by signing and returning our admission forms, you have indicated your agreement with the terms herein and certifies the accuracy of the information provided by you. You are hereby releasing, indemnifying and holding Bark Avenue harmless from any and all manner of injuries, damages, losses, liability, costs or expenses, causes of action or suits, whatsoever in law or equity (including, without limitation, attorney’s fees and related costs) arising out of related to the services provided by Bark Avenue, including but not limited to destruction of property, dog bites and transmission of disease, except which may arise from the sole gross negligence or intentional and willful misconduct of Bark Avenue.

Play Group Waiver

Here at Bark Avenue all of our play groups are small in number and tailor-made. We do this so that your dog will actually get to play with others that share a similar play style. Keeping play groups small also means the dogs don’t get overwhelmed, are allowed to run, and best of all our staff gets to play with them as well. Another key reason we keep play group numbers low is that it is much safer and controllable.
Our tailor-made groups are why Bark Avenue is the safest dog boarding/day care around. With that being said, dogs will be dogs and when they play bumps, scratches and other minor injuries can happen. Our trained staff works hard to keep these things from happening, but there is never a guarantee that something won’t happen given the nature of how dogs interact.
By typing your name in our web form signature field or by signing and returning our admission forms, you have indicated that you understand Bark Avenue is not responsible for injuries that occur during play groups.